Sunday, February 3, 2013

Breaking habits

Some perspective here… I started running after my daughter was born (she who turned nine last week).  I would complete some short fun run in late summer or early fall, keep running a little as the rains came, and then stop by Halloween, only to pick it up again in about March, when the work schedule eased from insane to merely crazy and a “lunch hour” actually included sufficient time to change, jog two miles, and change back (thank you, baby wipes).  All that to say, I’ve got a nearly-decade-long habit of not running through the holidays and cold months – and that, dear friends, is the habit I’m trying to break.

So with that said, I will admit that I’m pretty proud of this:

Yes, there’s a couple goose-eggs.  Yes, those “4” weeks are likely generous.  But this is huge progress in consistency for me. 

*  *  *

However, it’s not sufficient progress to jump right into a training plan for Capital City half marathon.  So the past two weeks I’ve been focusing on running enough days per week (at least four) and getting a long run (it’s all relative).  Two weeks ago, I got close – but no long run (swim meet weekends, I tell ya). 

This week it came together.  Woohoo!


I’ll recap last week’s training a bit later – I want to think about my plan for this week first – but today’s run was pretty close to glorious.  I have been enjoying its high all day.


  1. It's HARD to run through the wet rainy winter months. Do you run with the Cap City Training group at South Sound Running at all? I find myself there frequently on Saturday mornings, though I'm not training for that race.

    Good work! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Amy! I tend to run solo or with a friend or two - the work/family schedule hasn't worked well with group runs, unfortunately. That said, I'm looking again and trying to make it work - by golly, I've got a marathon to train for, and I think I could use the social support on those longer runs. Can you just show up and run with the Saturday group, or do you have to join the full group with the lectures and such? I never have figured that out.