Saturday, October 6, 2012

That which comes next...

Realized this morning that I haven't written anything in two weeks.  It took a while to find my groove after the race - and I was floundering there for a bit.  Once I realized that the "oh, sure, I'll keep this up with no structure whatsoever" plan wasn't going to work (like it ever would with me), I realized I needed an actual plan.  And some actual structure.  And maybe some actual goals.

Toward the end of the last training cycle there were a bunch of things I wanted to add, but I didn't want to screw up the race by adding something novel and botching it, or injuring myself, or... whatever other convenient excuse was easily backed up by all my reading (there's a stack of running books and magazines on the bedstand).  Now would be the time to add them, right?  What I've got on the list:
  • Cross-training - pretty much anything other than running. Cycling or swimming are obvious potentials.
  • Strength work - whatever it may be, machines at the Y or kettlebells in the living room.
  • Flexibility work - oh, yeah, I need this in a bad way.  I have never in my life been physically flexible (the other kinds of "flexible" don't come easily either, but I'm pretty set in those ways).
  • Nutrition - every so often I have to re-focus on what I'm eating in relation to what I know about nutrition (quite a bit, actually).  Usually that time to re-focus comes when I realize I'm not in any way following what I know.
So guess what happened?  I looked at this list and got completely overwhelmed.  I don't have any legitimate excuse to not tackle any of this - I have gear and videos and knowledge and even the gift of time (three and a half lovely dedicated hours per week at the Y when the boy has his swim practice).

It's not coming easily, though.

I have managed to get started.  Mostly by setting aside all that stuff up there.  I looked at a couple training plans and just picked one to follow, even though I'm not planning any big races until next year.  I'm reinventing my running schedule, and my only goals right now are running at least 15 miles and at least 3 times per week (achievable, but requires planning).

Once I get settled again, I'll work on adding to this.  But for now, this is enough.