Sunday, November 25, 2012

Streaking past forty...

So, I turned 40 on Black Friday.  Pretty darn perfect (in a good way), if you ask me.

Thursday morning, as the Math Teacher and I were getting out for our unofficial Turkey Trot, we talked through how we're going to keep going through the holidays.  Lots of kid activities, holiday stuff, messed-up schedules, and other craziness are certainly getting in the way.  However... MT's turning 40 next month too.  (I think she's relishing these two weeks where I'm nominally older than her.)

After a little counting, we realized that from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve this year is 40 days.  So, why not run each day?  So that's our plan.  We're running at least a mile each day from last Thursday to New Year's Eve - and then probably adding New Year's Day too. It's like birthday candles - one for each year, and one to grow on.

I'm making it a little easier on myself, though.  Friday, while my husband and daughter were out doing the Black Friday thing, I stayed home and in my pajamas all. day. long.  It was wonderful.   I found myself down in the playroom, which is crammed with stuff and stuff and more stuff, working my way to the stash of Christmas presents that need to be wrapped (we're actually pretty darn close to done shopping for the kids, just need to figure out one or two more things for the boy).  I had my music, I had my peace, I had plenty of time.  And next thing I knew, I had two corners of the room fairly well organized - the one with the presents, and the one with the treadmill.  I'm not joking when I say it has been YEARS since that treadmill was available for use.  It was cold and wet, and I didn't want to go outside, but neither did I want to abandon the birthday run streak on day two, so I changed into my running clothes, sent a child to get the fire extinguisher (just in case), and plugged it in.

It worked.  Miraculous!

So now I have a backup plan against the crazy wet cold weather the Pacific Northwest tends to deal out this time of year.  No better way to start the next decade of this wonderful life.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Getting my mojo back...slowly...

Seriously, it can't be nearly a month since I posted.  And yet... it has.  Yikes.  Long, boring story short, it's just been nutty around here.  The running's been up and down - twenty miles one week (including the Cupcake Classic, that was fun!), then eight, then a big fat zero.  But that ended today with a slow-and-sloppy three-miler.  Yea!

Tomorrow - I'm jumping in at the last minute on a local 10K race.  This is the first time I've ever done anything off the cuff like this - it's exciting!  I'm picking up my friend at 7:30 - a wholly civilized time, especially with the extra hour from daylight savings - and heading to the local trail to register for a 9:00 am start.  LOVE it.  This ought be fun.

One last thing - Amy at Run Mom Run is hosting a giveaway - Yurbuds earbuds.  I TOTALLY want to win this (might make the treadmill a touch more bearable, eh?), so please DO NOT feel you have to go enter. :)  Or, y'know, protect your own interests and enter.  Could be fun for you.

I will get back to this.  I need to give you a recap of our fun Cupcake Classic, this race we'll do tomorrow, a fun evening run with Christmas lights in October and a "for rent" sign on the cemetery... and whatever else comes up in the next few runs.  Until then, friends...