Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'll take it.

So this was a fun week.  After a rough start Monday, I had twelve miles banked by Wednesday night.  I also got my first group run ever – and it was a blast. 

Math Teacher had a department meeting Saturday morning (!!) so our run will be Sunday.  So I got the long run out of the way – a nine miler with a friend from the budget department at work.  She’s a born runner – tiny, lithe, fast – but she was willing to hold a 10:30 pace with me while we tackled a big chunk of the half-marathon course for Capital City. (THANK YOU!!!)  Oh, and let me not forget to mention it was the part with ALL THE HILLS...
Mile 2, San Francisco Street; Mile 4, Legion Ave; Mile 5, Eastside Street.
So given that, I'm quite happy with the pacing.
What worked: 
  • Running with a friend! So much better mentally than taking it on alone. 
  • Fueling - peanut-butter toast with juice for breakfast; gel at mile 6 (should have taken it a bit earlier, but I forgot), and a bottle of Nuun for the road. 
  • My purple shoes also felt wonderful throughout. Nice to know.
What needs to be looked at:
  • the tights with the zipper down the back … not sure what I’m going to do about them.  I wore them Wednesday and the zipper chewed up the skin along my Achilles quite painfully.  I had planned to wear the tights again today, but the skin is still raw – I couldn’t stand the chafing.  I think if I wear mid-calf socks under it will be fine, but I can’t try again until the skin fully heals.
  • Between that and a couple stupid little owies I’d given myself this week, I had my concerns (seriously, who bruises their foot by crossing their legs?  Me.  I’m so very talented.) but thankfully they didn’t affect the run.  Maybe next week, I can be a bit more careful in the day-to-day stuff.  Or, just not allow myself to wear shoes.
  • Oh – and next time, need tissues.  Or another wristband.  It is allergy season, after all.
* * * * * * *
Training update:
Last week – I hit all my runs.  It was a bit of a wonky schedule, but they all got in.
This week:
  • Midweek – the five-mile option with Run Like a GRRL, as well as one or two four-milers, which hopefully will fit into lunch hours.
  • Next weekend – an easy three miles or so, and about a 10 mile long run.

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